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Nov 15(Wednesday)

Time Program
Place Grand Hall
08:30-09:00 Registration
Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Remarks

    • Yang Sangwoo

      President, Hankyoreh Media Group
  • Welcoming Address

    • Park Yongmaan

      Chairperson, Asia Future Forum Steering Committee
  • Congratulatory Address

    • Moon Jaein

      President, Republic of Korea (reading by proxy)
  • Congratulatory Address

    • Chung Syekyun

      Chairperson of National Assembly, Republic of Korea
  • Congratulatory Address

    • Park Wonsoon

      Mayor, Seoul Metropolitan Government
09:20-09:30 Break Time (Conference Hall A)
09:30 - 10:00
Keynote Address 1
10:00 - 10:30
Keynote Address 2
10:30 - 11:00
Keynote Address 3
11:00-11:15 Break Time (Conference Hall A)
Roundtable Discussion Social Consensus for ‘Decent Work’
  • Moderator

    • Lee Joungwoo

      Emeritus Professor, Kyungpook National University
  • Panelist

    • Richard B. Freeman

      Herbert Ascherman Chair, Department of Economics, Harvard University
    • Polly Toynbee

      Political Commentator, Guardian Media Group (Former 「BBC」 Social Editor)
    • Cedrik Neike

      Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG
    • Hartmut Seifert

      Senior Research Fellow, Hans Böckler Foundation, Germany
    • Kim Youngho

      Chair Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies
12:10-13:10 Lunch Time
Humanities Lecture
Special Address 1
Special Address 2
Plenary Session New Paradigm of Distribution and the Role of Leadership
  • Moderator

    • Ahn Heejung

      Governor, Chungcheongnam-do Province
  • Panelist

    • Guy Standing

      Co-President, Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)
    • Sandra Polaski

      Former Deputy Director-General for Policy of the International Labor Organization(ILO)
    • David Walker

      Contributing Editor, 「Guardian Public Leaders Network」, Guardian Media Group
    • Min Hyung-bae

      The Head of Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju
15:30-15:40 Break Time (Conference Hall A)
East Asia Session Smart Innovation of East Asian Companies
  • Moderator

    • Moon Kookhyun

      CEO, Hansoll Textile / President, New Paradigm Institute
  • Presentation 1

    • Yang XinXin

      CEO, Chilwee Group, China
  • Presentation 2

    • Izumiya Wataru

      resident, 「Sangyo Times」, Japan
  • Panelist

    • Lee Jeongdong

      Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
    • Choi Yeonwoo

      Director, Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy
    • Bae Kyunghan

      Vice Captain, Korea Smart Factory Bureau

※ Above program is subject to change without prior notice.

Nov 16(Thursday)

Program Session 1,2
Time Program
Place Grand Hall
08:30-09:00 Registration
Keynote Speaker
Session 1Smart City and Local Innovation Ecosystem
Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity & The Seoul Institute
  • Moderator

    • Seo Wangjin

      President, The Seoul Institute
  • Presentation

    • Lee Kwangjae

      President, Future Consensus Institute(Former Governor, Gangwon-do)
      Urban Issues in Northeast Asia and Regional Innovation Strategies
    • Park Daewoo

      Director, General of Economy, Seoul Metropolitan Government
      Smart City Responding Status and Policy of Seoul: Inside and Outside of Korea
    • Byeon Changheum

      President, Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation
      Strategic Direction of Future Housing Welfare Policy
  • Case Commentary

    • Kim Youngbae

      The Head of Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
    • Kim Wooyoung

      The Head of Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul
    • Cha Sungsoo

      The Head of Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
  • Panelist

    • Lee Juwon

      Policy Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
    • Choe Kyungho

      Director, Seoul Social Housing Center
    • Byun Miree

      Director, Global and Future Research Center, Seoul Institute
  • General Discussion

12:30-13:30 Lunch Time
Session 2Social Innovation and Work in the Local Community
Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity & ChungNam Institute
  • Moderator

    • Kang Hyunsoo

      President, ChungNam Institute
  • Presentation

    • Bae Kiusik

      Senior Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
      Cooperative Strategies of Local Industrial Development and Job Creation
    • Sin Dongho

      Research Fellow, ChungNam Institute
      Examples of Residents-led Job Creation and Future Tasks
    • Kim Jeseon

      Director, The Hope Institute
      Local Community Social Innovation Ecosystem Building Strategy
  • Case Commentary

    • Kim Hongjang

      Mayor, Dangjin-si, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Panelist

    • Choi Hyukjin

      Social Economic Secretary, Cheongwadae, Office of the President
    • Mun Bokyoung

      Executive Director, Korea Foundation for Social Investment
    • Lee Seoungwon

      Director, Social Innovation Research Lab
    • Choi Sunhi

      Co-Director, Chungnam Social Economy Network
  • General Discussion

Program Session 3,4
Time Program
Place Conference Hall A
Session 3Human Technology Forum & Awards
Human Digital Research Institute
  • Part 1: Human Technology Forum
  • Presentation

    • Kim Jinhyung

      President, Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
      How Can We Solve Social Issues by Using Software?
    • Jeon Chihyung

      Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy, KAIST
      Which Social Values Should Be Contained in Algorithm?
  • Panelist

    • Hwang Yongsuk

      Professor, Department of Media & Communication, Konkuk University
    • Oh Seuk

      Senior Researcher, Korea Press Foundation
    • Lee Sungung

      Executive, IBM Korea
  • Part 2: Human Technology Awards
  • Contents

    • The Human Technology Awards were launched by HERI Human Digital Institute to enhance the value of user sovereignty and technology in the digital environment and to appreciate and encourage exceptional achievements in human-friendly digital technologies. Award-winning technologies are selected among those applied to the digital devices and Internet-based services provided in Korea through multi-faceted evaluation of their social impact and values.

12:30-13:30 Lunch Time
Session 4Democracy Stops at the Company Gates
HHankyoreh Economy & Society Research Institute
  • Moderator

    • Lee Jooho

      Director, Institute for Research on Health and Labor
  • Presentation

    • Jeong Seungil

      Directing Manager, Korean Finance & Service Worker’s Union Policy Research Institute
      Democracy Stops at The Company Gates
    • Han Guiyoung

      Director, Social Policy Center, Hankyoreh Economy & Society Research Institute
      Actual Status of Power Operation in Workplace
  • Panelist

    • Kim Sunghyeok

      Former Director, Labor Research Center, KMWU
    • Lee Sangmin

      Professor, Hanyang University Business School
    • Song Kihoon

      Vice Chairman, Korean Finance & Service Workers' Union
    • Lee Heewoo

      Director, Korean Government Employees' Union Policy Research Institute
    • Lee Sungjong

      Korean Federation of Service Workers’ Union
Program Session 5,6
Time Program
Place Conference Hall B
Session 5Platform Economy and Work
Korea Labor Institute
  • Moderator

    • Park Myungjoon

      Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
  • Presentation

    • Chang Jiyeun

      Senior Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
      Diffusion of Platform Work and the Future of Social Insurance
    • Kim Keunju

      Research Fellow, Korea Labor Institute
      New Approaches to Employment Law
  • Panelist

    • Kim Juhwan

      Policy and Planning Chief, Chauffeur Service Union
    • Lee Cheol

      Policy & Research Director, Seoul Labor Center
    • Park Eunjeong

      Professor, Inje University
    • Kim Jongjin

      Research Fellow, Korea Labour & Society Institute
12:30-13:30 Lunch Time
Session 6Technology Revolution and Social Security of Future Welfare State
Korean Association of Social Policy & Institute for Welfare State Research, Yonsei university
  • Moderator

    • Kim Taeil

      Professor, Department of Public Administration, Korea University
  • Presentation

    • Choi Youngjun

      Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Yonsei University
      Techonlogy Revolution and Issues of Future Social Reforms
    • Yang Jaejin

      Professor, Department of Public Administration, Yonsei University
      Is Basic Income an Alternative to Future Social Security?
    • Roh Jungho

      Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Kookmin University
      Methodological Criticism and Alternatives in Finland and the Netherlands Basic Income Experiment
  • Panelist

    • Yang Imseok

      Ex-Portfolio Manager, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    • Lee Seungyoon

      Assistant Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Ewha Womans University
    • Kim Yunyoung

      Research Fellow, Urban Management Research Division, Incheon Development Institute
Program Session 7
Time Program
Place Seminar Room 4
Session 7Workshop: Examining Good Governance in Social Economy
Korea's Network for Social Enterprise(*Closed Session)
  • Contents

    • As the social economy has emerged as an alternative to solve current social problems such as unemployment and polarization, the model is being actively debated and experimented with and President Moon Jae-in recently announced a plan to promote the social economy. With this, harmonious governance between social enterprises, intermediate support organizations, and government departments has become an important issue. Various stakeholders and civic groups gather to examine the current status of governance and discuss future directions.

  • Moderator

    • Lim Kyoungsoo

      Chief, Jeonju City Urban Regeneration Field Support Center
  • Presentation

    • Byeon Hyeongseok

      Standing Representative, Korea Central Council of Social Enterprise
      Considering Local Governance in Social Economy in Regions and Future Perspective
    • Kim Gitae

      Director, Corea Cooperative Institute
      Significance and Direction of Governance in Social Economy as Regional(Social) Development Strategy
  • General Discussion

Closing Ceremony
Time Program
Place Grand Hall
16:30-17:00 Closing Ceremony
Joint Declaration of Tripartite for Social Dialogue

※ Above program is subject to change without prior notice.